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Happy new year! 🎉.

I hope it's still just about acceptable to say that! I don't know about you, but 2018 is off to a flying start, with more people than ever expressing interest and curiosity about the path to continuous personal growth – in business and life in general.

The aggregated list of top ten books this month tells a rather interesting story. It would appear that we are anxious – keen to succeed and make 2018 a year to remember, but also looking for ways to do that without losing balance. Included in this month's list is everything from a book by Bryan Tracy called Get Smart from 2016 to a book called Declutter Your Mind: how to stop worrying, relieve anxiety and eliminate negative thinking. It's a fascinating mix of old and new, and it sort of makes me want to reach out, give our little community a hug. There's simply too much worry in our world.

As avid readers, we all know how valuable it can be to take time to challenge our own preconceptions and pause to reflect. But sometimes it's also important to learn new skills too. This month our Editor's Choice is a book about data analytics. Is that a yawn I see? Fear not! This book offers practical insight into what it is, how you can make it work for you and impress everyone around you at work (unless, of course, you work in a team full of data scientists; then you probably don't need this).

Best year ever

Your Best Year Ever by Michael Hyatt

Becoming a NYT bestselling author is no easy feat, and author Michael Hyatt has been there several times. His latest book promises to help everyone struggling to close the gap between the life they want, and the life they are currently leading. And the best bit? He says it'll only take five hours!

We aren't big resolution makers in this office, but there's something about the framework in this book that makes us think it just might be worth giving it a try.


Ray Dalio's book has appeared in this list regularly since its release last year. It's pretty rare to see an investor make himself vulnerable, and I think that's what makes this book different. If you are looking for inspiration to push you closer to meeting your goals, you might want to check it out.

Deep Work

Focus, focus, focus! If you are looking to reconnect with your ability to focus on one important thing at a time (in a world where we are constantly connected and interrupted), you need this book. Filled with 'rules' that will help you transform the way you think about work, this is a book for our age if ever there was one.

anti-procrastination habit

This book came out last summer. The fact that it has risen to the top 10 is a good sign that the tips and advice provided hit the mark. For anyone who's ever put off doing the 'really tough stuff', from losing weight to having difficult conversations, make this the year you tackle it – with the help of S.J Scott.


Somehow, '10-minute mindfulness' doesn't sound quite so daunting. If you are new to the concept and keen to improve your focus and reduce stress, why not experiment with it?


If you're anything like us, the thought of decluttering your mind sounds like bliss! This looks like a slightly different take on mindfulness and meditation.


We've tackled the mind, so now let's deal with the body! Presence takes a look at body language and how you can influence the messages you might inadvertently send to others.

How children succeed

Seeing this book (from 2013) appear on the list suggests our anxiety might extend to our children. As a parent, finding ways to instil a sense of resilience is always interesting.


A really interesting take on the importance of when we do things. This book goes far beyond the basic 'do your most important task when you have the most energy' and looks at the role timing plays in our business and personal lives.

Get Smart

See what we mean about a pattern? This is another book about eliminating negative thought patterns and retraining your brain. This one focuses on tapping into the 'unused' parts of your brain. We can't help but like the title!

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