Top 10 business books in October 2017

Every month as we trawl through the data on the best-sellers, highest-rated and most-read business books, we are struck by just how many business books there are out there. As ever, our goal is to help save you time in deciding what to read, to ensure you are always at the top of your game, and don’t waste time reading stuff that will not give you value. Remember, we have not read all of these – this list is compiled based on user behaviour. If you want a ‘sure-thing’ when it comes to book quality, look at our reviews, go with our Editor’s Choice’ or consider our paid subscription.

September saw a lot of books about seeking personal happiness in your life. That theme continued in October with the number one book for this month, Show Up as Your Best Self. Otherwise, the crowd feels far more practical this month. It looks like people are thinking pragmatically about leadership and financial development. Perhaps an indication that we are approaching the end of the year – traditionally bonus time.

The nature of this list is that it allows complete newcomers to surface – there are a couple in this month’s list that we are really excited about. Check out the summaries below to learn more.

And of course, we love reading our reader recommendations too – so keep sharing!

show up

Show Up as Your Best Self: Mindful Leaders, Meditation, & More by Cathy Quartner Bailey

Released at the beginning of the year, this book, by author and executive coach Cathy Quartner Bailey, promises to ‘cultivate a mindfulness practice to help you reach your leadership potential by being more confident, decisive and grounded – even in the midst of chaos’. It certainly sounds good to us!

Rating: 5.0

lead right

There are some tricks of the book trade that can help an author’s book rise up the rankings very quickly – but not necessarily organically. We wondered if that was the case with this one, but it looks really good. We are particularly curious about the assessment tools!

Rating: 4.9

on fire

For business leaders, there can be little better than having an engaged team who work hard, demonstrate outstanding performance and are loyal to your company. On Fire at Workteaches you how to get just that.

Rating: 4.9


We loved the look of this book as soon as we saw the title! Who doesn’t suffer from unfinished work at some point in their lives? We cannot wait to review this one. This is one of those unexpected newcomers we mentioned above.

Rating: 4.8

elon musk

We’ve seen Elon Musk’s book appear in our list before. If you are looking for inspiration, don’t hesitate to pick up this biography of arguably one of the biggest business thinkers of our time.

Rating: 4.7

make your bed

If you are going through a tough time, this could be the book for you. Written by a former Navy SEAL, the message is clear and the tone engaging. There are important life lessons in here, that could serve as a good reminder to all of us.

Rating: 4.6

million dollar decision

If making money was easy, we’d all be millionnaires. With that in mind, this sounds like an easy read that will give you insight that may change the way you think about how you handle your money. We shall be adding this to our review list!

Rating: 4.5

The Subtle Art business book

To get our thoughts on this one, look no further than our book review, here. In short, this is a GREAT read.

Rating: 4.5


If you want to define what leadership means to you, and then work out how to get better at it, Ace McCloud’s book will be right up your street. This appears to differentiate itself by avoiding a blanket assumption about what leadership means to you.

Rating: 4.4

Leaders Eat Last

We are BIG fans of Simon Sinek, so were thrilled to see this appear on the list. As with his previous bestseller, Start With Why, in Leaders Eat LastSinek uses biology to try and explain some of the greatest opportunities when it comes to developing exceptional leadership abilities

Rating: 4.4

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