Top 10 business books in June 2018

This month’s selection of books provides a fantastic range of ‘thinking’ and ‘doing’ books. There’s nothing like a real-life scandal to make you think hard about your own experiences – and Bad Blood will do just that. There are also books that will challenge the overwhelming state of society today – check out Tailspin, Off the Clock and The War on Normal People if you are craving a different perspective on our always-on world.

If you are looking for a meaty, thought-provoking read, why not check out our Editor’ choice this month, Forged in Crisis by Nancy Koehn. It’s a well-researched, fantastic read, drawing leadership lessons from iconic historical figures.

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Bad Blood

Bad Blood by John Carreyrou

Similar to last month’s number one, this publication is brand-new and is already a bestseller. In Bad Blood, top journalist John Carreyrou, sheds light on the incredible rise and scandalous fall of Silicon Valley startup Theranos which shook the USA. Having followed the story closely, we’re pretty sure this will be a compelling read.

Lost and Founder

Last month’s number one, Lost and Founder remains near the top of the list this month. Rand Fishkin’s startup story stands out from the crowd as brutally honest and real.

Crushing It!

Gary Vaynerchuk has kept his spot in the top ten since last month. He gives a revamped version of 2009’s Crush It to show entrepreneurs everywhere how using social media platforms will build your business profile.


Factfulness returns to the top ten after its place at number one in April. We still love the sound of it. Hans Rosling provides a lesson in overcoming ignorance by revealing the ten instincts that distort our perspective of the world.

Building a StoryBrand

New York Times bestselling author, Donald Miller provides a solution to the struggles of self-promotion in business. He promises to teach you how to make your customers listen. This is a great resource for people who can’t figure out where to start!


Bestselling author of America’s Bitter Pill, Steven Brill makes a comeback with this 50-year history of America’s diminishing core values. He works to answer the nation’s question: how did we get here?

The War on Normal People

This is another new entry. In The War on Normal People, Andrew Yang explores how the concept of Universal Basic Income could help fight the inevitable rise of unemployment that automation will bring in the near future.

Unlimited Memory

Unlimited Memory has stayed at number eight in the top ten since last month. Kevin Horsley offers tips and tricks on how to make the most of our capacity for memorizing information that will make you more productive in all aspects of life.

Off the Clock

Time and tide wait for no man, as the saying goes, which is why this new publication will always be relevant. Laura Vanderkam provides ideas for avoiding overwhelming feelings of ‘busy-ness’ in business. She finds that the more time you feel you have, the more productive you will be.

The 5 Second Rule

We all know that we should push ourselves, but do we know how? Mel Robbins explores the power of the ‘push moment’ and offers a tool for personal development that takes just five seconds to use. Sounds great to us!

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