The top ten business books in July 2018

There are a lot of familiar faces in July’s top ten, but this month’s number one, Switchers, is brand-new, and a recent release.If you feel like you are stuck in a career rut, and looking to do something completely new – it sounds like this could be the book for you. The other books this month include a mix of books that will challenge you personally and those that will broaden your perspective on world events.  There are titles focusing on psychology in business and beyond, but also books that give insight into public scandals – like Bad Blood and Amity and Prosperity – and more general comment on the state of our society – like as Factfulness and Tailspin. Whatever you choose, there is bound to be something  that piques your interest.

Happy reading!


Switchers by Dawn Marie Graham

Only published last month, Switchers is a new addition to our top ten list. It is refreshing to see a female author at number one. Dr Dawn Graham gives detailed advice on how to change to a career most suited to you. If you’re looking for a change – check this out.

Bad Blood

Last month’s number one, John Carreyrou’s Bad Blood reveals the truth of the bafflingly fast rise and tumultuous fall of Silicon Valley startup, Theranos. This story will change your perspective on the corporate world.

A Team of Leaders

Everyone knows the importance of teamwork in business, but Paul Gustavson and Stewart Liff have a fresh take. Their idea is that to create the most effective team, you must draw out and encourage leadership within every employee to create ‘a team of leaders’.


Factfulness returns to the top ten this month. Hans Rosling battles ignorance one revelation at a time by showing the ten common judgemental instincts which make us believe things are worse than they actually are. We love the positivity in this one.

Amity and Prosperity

Eliza Griswold recounts the story of Stacey Daney’s struggle to have her voice heard amid the crisis that fracking has caused in her Penn State family farm. Almost like a modern day Erin Brokovich.

The War on Normal People

In The War on Normal People Yang suggests that using Universal Basic Income could combat the inevitable (or is it?) rise of unemployment that automation will bring in the near future.


In this narrative of America’s 50-year social and political demise, Brill exposes the reasons for increased public apathy and hopelessness, and how to tackle them head-on.


We are delighted to see that The Power of Moments has returned to the top ten this month. Many of us believe that positive experiences happen solely due to accident or luck – but what if we could create them ourselves? Chip and Dan Heath teach us how.

Unlimited Memory

Unlimited Memory has remained in the top ten for a few months now. In it, Kevin Horsley shares tricks of the memory-mastering trade that will help you become more productive in day-to-day life.

Off the Clock

It is easy, in an ever busier world, to feel as though time is slipping through one’s fingers. Laura Vanderkam has the answer: seven counterintuitive principles from the most time-free people that will help us become less overwhelmed and more productive.

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