The top ten business books in August 2018

A solid list this month, with Switchers maintaining the number one spot.  Perhaps this cultural barometer tells us we are looking for change? It’s worth a reminder that this list is compiled by aggregating data about the best-sellers and most read books across all the most popular online book platforms.

If you are interested in reading our Editor’s Choice this month (Future Positive by Edward DeBono, you can read our short review here.

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Switchers by Dawn Marie Graham

Switchers has maintained the top spot this month – and we’re not surprised! For any of those feeling as though they are stuck somewhere they don’t want to be, this book will show you ways to make a change and excel in a career that’s right for you.


This book is such a breath of fresh air in a world that tends towards negativity. Hans Rosling gives us ten reasons to stay positive in response to the ten human instincts we all have that make things seem far worse than they actually are. Ideal for anyone needing an uplift!

Amity and Prosperity

Amity and Prosperity is a rather harrowing tale, but an important one. Eliza Griswold tells the true story of Stacey Daney’s attempts to voice the opinion of thousands against the destruction of fracking in the USA. Something she is only too familiar with, as it threatens her family farm.

The Total Money Makeover

Perhaps America’s most trusted voice on finances and saving, Dave Ramsey shares the ten most dangerous money myths, along with his tips and tricks to get yourself financially fit.

Reinvent Your Business Model

Mark W Johnson makes a return with this brand-new book, in which he expands on the ideas set out in his innovative Seizing the White Space. This new tome explains how you can rebuild or start a business in a way destined to succeed. Johnson also looks at the digital transformation that has occurred in the last ten years.


We haven’t seen this classic (also a movie) in a while, but it has made an impressive comeback! Michael Lewis follows the unlikely success of the Oakland Athletics’ baseball amateurs and their manager Billy Beane. He recounts how Billy Beane looked at numbers collected over the years by baseball enthusiasts to create a new approach to winning at baseball.

Secrets of Six-Figure Women

This publication is all about girl power … Barbara Stanny shares her findings from extensive research and interviews with over 150 women earning between $100,000 to $7 million to identify the seven key strategies of female high-earners.

Bitter Brew

William Knoedelseder’s account of the journey of US beer giant, Anheuser-Busch, is perhaps a bittersweet one, fittingly. He describes the scandalous rise and fall of the Busch family that spans three centuries all the way from the Civil War to the present day. A hybrid of history and business … cheers!

Exactly What To Say

In this new book, Phil M Jones shares what he believes to be the lost art of verbal communication. In Exactly What to Say, he reveals his tactics for acquiring the ability to know exactly what to say when.

Me Talk Pretty One Day

Although we’re slightly bemused to find this 2000 bestseller back in the top ten 18 years on, we won’t complain! This hilarious collection of essays, inspired by David Sedaris’s move to Paris, focuses on topics from attempting to learn French to a modern annoyance at cashiers with six-inch long fingernails.

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