Great book gift guide for 2018

I don’t think it is overstating things to say a great book can change a life. Whether it is for someone who is seeking some sort of change, facing tough times or climbing the career ladder – a well chosen book will not be forgotten. We’ve chosen just a handful of specific categories here, but if you’d like a suggestion for a topic we’ve not included, add a comment below and we’ll make a recommendation.

For people looking for a career change

Gone are the days when a 40 year career at a single company was the norm (or the ambition). These days, it is unlikely the company where you started your career even exists! So if you are looking to shake things up a little check out Switchers by Dawn Marie Graham. The book is filled with advice on how to change to a career most suited to you.

If you (or the person you are buying for) really aren’t sure what your next step should be, an excellent starting point is Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath. This started as an online assessment created by Gallup in 2001 designed to help people discover their top five talents. Now a book with an accompanying website, Rath’s theories should make you never doubt yourself again. Easily read in one sitting but remembered for a lifetime.

For working parents

Eat That FrogThese days it sometimes feels impossible to fit everything in. Now, I know that often this challenge is not created by procrastinating, but the general ethos in Eat That Frog by Brian Tracey is about prioritising and NOT trying to do it all. I think it’s useful particularly for working parents who are expected to work as if they don’t have kids and (especially at this time of year) parent as if they don’t have jobs!

Laura Vanderkam’s Off the Clock will give you practical tips for how to be more present for the moments that are truly important to you. It’s non-judgy and includes a few memorable stories. This might even be a good gift to buy yourself!

For business leaders

Dare to leadWell, this could be a list of 50 in its own right. If you are looking for a specific topic, check out our Editor’s Choice books and our monthly top 10 lists. If we had to choose two ‘all-purpose’ leadership books this season. It’s hard to beat Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead. In it, she uses seven years of research to distill key practical actions to develop brave leaders and courageous cultures. The second is The Power of Moments by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. I promise once you read it, this book will stick with you….and you will be looking for ways to Momentsdo the little things that make a huge impact in people’s lives.

And finally, I can’t not recommend The Responsive Leader by Erik Korsvik Ostergaard. This is a true leadership book for our time. Check out our detailed review.

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