Five business books you can read in under two hours

This post was written by Editorial Assistant, Bethan James.

How much free time would you say you have everyday? Probably not as much as you would like… However, in the UK, for example, a survey carried out by the Office for National Statistics found that the average person has about six hours of leisure time per day. 25% of your day you can spend doing whatever you like – so why not spend it doing something that will make a difference in the long-run? Of course you could spend two hours in the gym exercising your body, but what about your mind? What if you could expand your knowledge and understanding in under two hours? Well, you can. Because time is precious, I have handpicked five business books that will do exactly this. These are short-term investments with long-term benefits. What are you waiting for?


Create SpecialJim Duffy appears an expert on all things entrepreneurial if this book is anything to go by. I reviewed Create Special just over a year ago and it has stuck with me ever since. If not for its inspirational messages and advice, the book is memorable because Duffy cuts out the cr*p and says it how it is. For those of you strapped for time searching for some true but hand-on-shoulder advice to be an entrepreneur, this book is perfect. It is a handbook you will be returning to time and time again.






Built to Sell


Many entrepreneurs set up businesses believing they will gain more control and freedom. However, more often than not, they end up swamped by work as their businesses become something that would fail to exist without them. John Warrilow has created a fable for anyone struggling with exactly this. He wants to show you how you can take small steps towards making your business one that can thrive far into the future even without you at its helm. This is one to get you to remember why you started and fall back in love with your business.




one minute manager


I featured this book in another article a while back about books that graduates should read. It is simply a classic. Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson tell a parable story to teach three valuable lessons about leadership. If you’re looking for a quick reboot on your management values, you cannot go wrong with this one.




Eat That Frog


Don’t be put off by the bizarre title – this is invaluable insight from Brian Tracy. Eating the frog is a metaphor for getting the worst part of your day over and done with. This book gives you 21 ways to stop procrastinating and to tackle your challenges head-on. We recommend the third edition because it has two extra chapters that bring technology and the difficulty of information overload to the fore, which could not be more relevant today.





Make your Bed

This one has been in our top ten a few times. It is based on former US Navy SEAL, William H. McRaven’s 2014 Commencement Day speech to the graduating class of the University of Texas. The YouTube video of this speech has over ten million views. McRaven shares ten principles he learnt in the Navy that he has applied in all aspects of his life for better discipline, success and optimism. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

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