Fall-ing back in love with learning

This post was written by Editorial Assistant, Bethan James.

With the days shortening and the nights lengthening, it seems summer has reached its end. And as kids around the world return to school, perhaps it’s time that adults, too, turn their attention to learning. This is a somewhat underused and underappreciated activity in the adult community – something I think needs to change. Education matters at all times, and in all aspects, of life, no matter your age. Whether you’ve just graduated or whether you’re ready to retire, you should strive to hold onto that childlike curiosity we are all born with. You can always learn more. Enlightenment is the only route to self-development – and we all want to grow, right? In fact, this is the key message behind our ethos, ‘read, learn, thrive’. We believe the easiest way to learn is to read, in particular business books. So, prompted by the sight of children in their school uniforms and the return of school buses to the roads, I have come up with a shortlist of books that all centre especially on fueling and feeding professional curiosity.


Girl, Wash Your FaceRethink to re-educate

It is easy to feel as though you are an instrument in your own life, many people do. However, Rachel Hollis, founder of lifestyle website,, wants to tell you that this is wrong – and dangerous – thinking. You are in control, whether you like it or not. (This reminds us of our beloved The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck, which we reviewed a while back here. Girl, Wash Your Face endeavours to prove to you that there is no hidden secret or magic recipe for being the ‘best you’. In fact, Hollis exposes twenty of these convenient beliefs as false. In their place, she provides realistic – sometimes hard – truths about personal development. These are not there to make you perfect, but to make you strive towards perfection with confidence and passion. Not your average business book but something to get the cogs turning…


Recognise its preciousness

How many times did you say or think, ‘I don’t want to go to school today’ when you were Educateda child? Some of you may even be thinking ‘everyday’… Unfortunately, many people around the world are not given the luxury of being able to even say these words. According to UNESCO’s 2017-2018 Global Education Monitoring Report, 264 million children do not go to school. This is totally staggering, and disturbing. It is also something Tara Westover knows only too well about. This book is her memoir. Growing up in a survivalist family in Idaho, she had not been registered for a birth certificate, had no school records and no medical records. At sixteen, Tara decided to attempt to educate herself. What comes next is an incredible story of self-discovery. Through the depiction of her struggle to create herself, Tara shows the true value of education for life.


SapiensLook back and inward

I first picked up this book ironically because a cast member of ITV2’s Love Island mentioned it on the show. (Who knew ‘trash’ TV could be so educational?) Yuval Noah Harari’s masterpiece is impressively detailed. The product of an insane amount of research, it outlines the entire history and evolution of humankind. If it’s education you’re looking for, this is surely it. Although you may be wondering how this is relevant to present-day humankind, I ask you how it’s not relevant today. History repeats itself, after all. And if you’re looking for a prediction on how humankind will look in the future, why not check out our review of What To Do When Machines Do Everything?

If you have any recommendations to share on business books that particularly focus on education, we would be delighted to hear them! Just comment below 🙂

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