When a business book makes you laugh out loud it’s a pretty good sign that it’s going to be good. And every once in a while it’s wonderful to find a book that can be read in a single sitting, but that invades your thoughts for weeks to come. Wait, What? is that book.

The book is essentially an extended version of a commencement address by the Dean of Harvard’s School of Education, James E. Ryan. It is at once witty, touching and genuinely thought-provoking. The book is based around the five essential questions we should all ask, in order to live a good life. The questions themselves are not ground-breaking…but the stories Ryan weaves around them are wonderful. He recounts one story – about an early morning run in Amsterdam where he inadvertently ran right into one of the city’s many canals that still has me giggling as I try to imagine it. And the message he shared in relation to that story has stuck (I can’t tell you what it is or I’ll spoil it).

The book captures the essence of good leadership – it is the questions you ask that matter, not that you have all the answers.

Normally we like to highlight specific challenges you ¬†might be facing, that mean a book would appeal to you. But this is one of those rare times where we’d suggest this is a worthwhile read for everyone. It’s two hours out of your life that you won’t regret.