Blockchain (often used synonymously – and incorrectly so – with Bitcoin) must be one of the most-used and least understood phrases of our time. Yet it is a technology that has the ability to fundamentally change how the global economy works. The Truth Machine by Michael Casey and Paul Vigna (St. Martin’s Press, 2018) is an excellent primer written by two financial journalists who have watched the technology develop.

This is a book for people who know that blockchain is important, but don’t really understand how it works. It will give you the history, market context and also addresses real-world applications relating not only to currency, but also to personal data. Think health records or banking details. The authors also delve into the recent excitement over Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)and dissect the hype. They offer fascinating, sometimes frightening, insight into how this technology might develop in future, and the profound impact it could have on life as we know it.

Although the narrative around blockchain is evolving daily, the book is written in a way that helps us understand the fundamentals, and makes it easier to keep pace with developments. This book is a must read for you if:

  • You’ve heard the term ‘blockchain’ but really can’t describe what it is
  • You are interested in how this technology might impact the sector you work in…no matter what it is
  • You are regretting not getting in on the Bitcoin game early on, and are interested to explore the opportunities blockchain might hold for the future

The book tackles a potentially dry and technical subject in a beautifully engaging way.