There are countless books about company culture out there right now. And lots of them are very good. So why have we chosen to make Chris Dyer’s The Power of Company Culture (Kogan Page, 2018) this month’s Editor’s Choice? One key reason is that it’s short! It fits all the relevant information, including some really great exercises, into 170 pages. Let’s face it, we’re all swamped these days, so finding something that is as concise as it is valuable is a win!

Dyer’s starting point is to evaluate your existing culture using a framework initially created by author Dan Pink. It relies on the acknowledgment that the three greatest indicators of company culture are autonomy, mastery and purpose. From the outset, the book gets you thinking in a different way … miles away from traditional ‘carrot and stick’ motivators. He goes on to address the seven pillars of culture success, and how to measure them. The most interesting part of the book for us was the last section, filled with plenty of ideas about how to implement everything you’ve learned.

There are many basics in here – but even if you consider yourself a bit of a company culture aficionado, we are certain you will find something new to help you learn and grow.