It’s hard to put into words just how powerful a book Option B is. Sheryl and Adam have created something completely unique in the telling of Sheryl’s devastating personal story about the loss of her husband, coupled with insights from psychologist Adam Grant. It is honest and raw and uplifting at the same time.

Sheryl created a sort of manifesto for working women when she wrote Lean-In – differentiated by the fact that she credited so much of her success to the team mentality and supportive relationship she had with her husband Dave. The vulnerability expressed in Option B goes way, way beyond what she exposed in Lean-In. This book is not just for women. It is for everyone facing a challenge, no matter how big.

Option B is a must read for anyone building a business. Though we may not face such life-changing events as the death of a partner, every one of us will experience moments of guilt, doubt, depression sadness or perhaps a desire to simply give up.  This book teaches you about resilience – how you build it, where it comes from, and what to do when it gets depleted – in a compelling and accessible way. There is no psychobabble… just stories surrounded by insights you will not soon forget.

I would strongly recommend this book if:

  • You have ever wondered how you are going to get through a difficult time
  • You are interested in building your personal capacity for resilience to the benefit of your business, and most important, you personally
  • You worry about burnout
  • You are raising children