Having run a short training session based on improv with my own team many years ago (where we focused on the concept of ‘yes and’) I was immediately attracted by the title. It’s impossible not to smile when you read this book. Whether it is the ‘Eights’ exercise or celebrating ridiculous ideas, “Yes And” will remind you how to have fun at work – and as a result I’m convinced your business will be more effective.

The book draws on the principles from cognitive and social psychology, behavioural economics and communication. Kulhan gives you the tools you need to think on your feet, and be more nimble and engaging as a result. In explaining the psychology behind certain behaviours you’ll find yourself observing interactions (especially your own) in a different way.

When it comes to corporate culture, the ultimate goal is to shift thinking away from ‘yes, but’ to ‘yes, and’. Hence the title.  Kulhan outlines very specifically how to tackle this, including loads of exercises you can start trying out today. It is filled with practical tips and tools that can add a bit of ‘can-do’ attitude to any business. I have found myself dipping in and out of this book ahead of big meetings, both internal and with clients or prospects.

If you are:

Craving more positive energy (in yourself and those around you)
Frustrated by the lack of innovative thinking in your team
Worried that ‘group think’ is holding your business back

…then this is the book for you. Can’t recommend this book highly enough. It will be a GREAT addition to your bookshelf.