Who couldn’t use a dash of positivity in today’s crazy world? Fans of Edward DeBono will love this updated version of the book first published almost two decades ago.

A swift scan of the contents page makes for decidedly gloomy reading. DeBono is quick to point out all of the reasons that exist to be negative – changes in the power, speed and magnitude of problems in the political and social spheres. DeBono’s theory is that the answer to many of the challenges we face lies in the quality of our thinking as the greatest mechanism for change.

Perhaps I was in a sombre mood when I read it, but for me, this book is not uplifting. It is, however, empowering. It gives you a lot of knowledge and a formula for reviewing problems from the perspective of logic, perception and action.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, steer clear. But if you are looking for a framework for how to view specific challenges in a more positive light, this could be just the ticket.