Our Editor’s Choice this month is a practical guide to addressing the future, Disruptive Technologies, written by British author Paul Armstrong (Kogan Page, 2017).

At first glance, Disruptive Technologies has a rather different feel to our other top picks, mainly because it is rather academic in nature. But don’t let that put you off. If you want to make sure you have a good understanding of the latest technology buzzwords (AI, machine learning, blockchain, 3D printing and nanotechnology) this is a GREAT place to start. Armstrong gives you the basics in easy-to-understand language that’s jargon free (although this did introduce us to a new acronym – TBD (technology, behavior, data) – which he uses throughout).

Having set the scene in terms of the current technology and business landscape, the book offers a framework for discussion and evaluation within your own business, no matter what that may be. The process may sound rudimentary on first reading, but given the confusion out there, I think you’ll find it refreshing. If you are asking yourself what all this disruption stuff is about, and how you should deal with it in your own company, Armstrong offers you the starting point. He covers simple things like how to address major change within a company – even going so far as to suggest words to use and words to avoid. He offers practical advice on things like brainstorms (brainstorm questions, not answers), why you should dith the ‘suggestion box’, and to avoid making feedback a ‘thing’, which you can start to use to shift the thinking in your company straight away. He’s also included a number of case studies to illustrate important points, but these don’t overshadow they key points he is making as happens in some business books.

We hope this book gets the recognition it deserves.

Read this book if:

  • You hear a lot about ‘disruption’ but aren’t sure what it’s all about
  • You don’t believe technology will have an impact on your business (be prepared to find out you are wrong!)
  • You want a high-level overview of disruptive technologies, with some practical advice to back it up
  • You are tired of hyperbole-filled business books and just want solid advice.

If you’re interested in buying the book, click here and use the code MBBC20 to get a 20% discount.