Book review: The Man on the Middle Floor

Man on the Middle FloorAs a site that focuses primarily on business and personal development books, it might seem odd for us to review a work of fiction like this. However, our focus has always been to feed the curiosity of ambitious business peopleĀ and sharing books that make you think. Having read this book, and spoken with the author, Lizzy Moore, I think it ticks all those boxes. At its heart, The Man on the Middle Floor by Elizabeth Moore (RedDoor Publishing, 2018) is about the implications of disconnectedness in society. A disconnectedness created and exacerbated by the social media age where we are all soo busy looking at our screens and seemingly ‘connecting’ with people, but where many people feel lonelier than ever.

The book focuses on three main characters who are all disconnected and disconnecting, in one way or another. From the middle-aged Tam who is grappling with ‘new ways of working’ dictated by the upper echelons in the police force, to Karen, a work-focused mother unlike any you will have read about before and Nick, an autistic young adult just trying to make it through every day – these characters are bound to make you reflect on yourself and those around you….questioning whether we are really making progress in our world.

Sometimes it pays to do something a little different. And if your bookshelf or bedside tables are dominated with non-fiction, why not take a break and give this book a try? I promise you will still learn from it. And it may prompt you to think differently about your own world of work – questioning whether wholesale changes are always the right thing to do, or challenging the notion of work/life balance as something everybody strives to achieve. This well-researched book also opened my eyes to the extraordinary complexities of the challenges faced by those living with or caring for others with Aspergers and Autism. From that perspective alone, I think it’s a really important read.

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