Book review: The Sink

There are a lot of things I really liked about The Sink (Walter Nusbaum and Daren Martin, PHD, Clovercroft Publishing, February 2017) and a few things I didn’t. Let’s get the negatives out of the way.

The format is refreshing, but doesn’t work. The font changes are too dramatic and make it hard to focus on the story. At times it felt a lot like a brochure. On a similar note, there was a ‘sales’ element to this book that I found really off-putting. Many entrepreneurs write a book to reinforce credibility and ultimately it works as an excellent sales tool. But telling the reader to ‘buy a case’ of your books undermines that credibility, in my view. And the final element that I really didn’t like was the throw-away comment at the end, willing people to become ‘impracteurs’ – the creation of yet more jargon is not something the world needs.

OK, on to the positive stuff, because life is always better when you look for the good in something. I loved that this book is short. It has a single message and you can read it in 15 minutes. Contrary to typical business books, there is no unnecessary padding here. The message – leave the world better than you found it – is an important one. And it will stick with you. Or it did with me, anyway. It’s actions that count, not words.

The book is part of a series by Martin that all appear to offer a single message in a way that’s easy to digest. Something time-strapped entrepreneurs need.

I suggest you read this book if:

  • You like to spend time each day thinking about how to make small improvements in your life and your business
  • You feel your team is suffering from a siloed way of thinking and could benefit from a light-hearted story that may inspire them to look beyond their own workload
  • You are considering a transformation of some sort, but are overheled by the prospect of it. This book just might inspire you to start.




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