Book review: Motivate Yourself

Motivate Yourself, by Andro Donovan (Capstone, 2017) is like having a super smart friend who won’t let you get away with any excuses.

In her book, Donovan has struck just the right balance between sparking deep personal reflection and giving you the tools to deal with what you find. The starting point for the book is that it will help you achieve the life you want. Early in the book she introduces readers to the concept of RAT – her shortcut for describing your rational mind. The RAT features throughout, highlighting thinking that may not, in fact, support your personal goals. And in many cases may be exactly what is stopping you from getting there.

As in most psychology-based books, there is an element of reflection about childhood. But the book doesn’t focus on blame, rather understanding. I found this refreshing and reassuring (as a parent myself!).

The exercises are particularly thought-provoking, looking at the roles you play and reframing the way you think about those. We particularly liked the values-based planning to help with day to day life.

Although it’s likely anyone could benefit from this book, we would suggest it is particularly relevant if:

  • You are frustrated by where you are in life – it does not match your own ambitions (personal or business)
  • You feel you have lost your ‘self’ as a result of focussing so much on those around you (be they employees, family, children)
  • When you really think about it, you rarely feel truly happy.

I look forward to hearing any of your thoughts either on this book, or other recommendations in the comments below. If you are interested in reading more from Andro, check out the article she wrote just for us here!





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