Book review: Lead with Heart

Lead with HeartAs you can imagine, we read A LOT of leadership books here at My Business Bookclub! Our goal is to highlight those that we think are really worth your time investment to read. Lead with Heart by Tom Garland (BenBella Books, May 2018) is one such book. Gartland proposes a leadership ethos that is directly opposed to the conventional wisdom that suggests we keep a firm line between our business and personal lives. he suggests that this distance – keeping ourselves at arm’s length from those who report to us – might,¬†in fact, be harming the opportunities for deeper and more efficient collaboration.

Throughout the book, Gartland, former President of Avis in North America, practices what he preaches. He tells very personal stories, from failing to live up to his father’s expectations to one of his children’s battle with addiction. And in doing so, he shares important lessons that don’t come across as dogmatic. It feels like he is simply sharing his story and giving you the opportunity to learn from it.

Throughout the book, you will find a series of coaching questions – to be used by you and also by those who report to you. The idea of making oneself vulnerable, and blurring the lines between your work and private life may not appeal to some readers. But I’d encourage you to read this book and see just how fundamental¬†a shift it could make to your company culture, ultimately leading to greater long-term success.

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  • Jun 5, 2018

    I love the sound of this book. The stories are really what stand out to me since personalized stories help us to remember what we read. Thanks for bringing this book to my attention My Business Book Club.

    Matt Hutson Jun 5, 2018

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