Book review: Already Brilliant

Already brilliantWe are long-time fans of Rachel Bridge, going back to her pure journalist days. She has written six books but Already Brilliant, Play to your strengths in work and life (Piatkus, 2018) is her best to date.

Already Brilliant is refreshing in its simplicity. Often business books are so jam-packed with research findings and statistics that the fundamental messages get lost. Rachel has clearly tapped into her expertise as a professional storyteller to draw out the succinct lessons she has learned through interviewing people over the years. Every point she makes has a related story, and she has not simply rehashed the well-told stories of high-profile entrepreneurs. These stories are based on real people facing similar challenges to those that many of us face day-to-day.

Sitting down to read this book is like a conversation with a good friend. It includes questions like: what are your life goals? How much time do you really spend looking at social media, watching TV or playing online games (if that’s your thing)? Are you on top of your finances? It’s a kick in the backside, in the nicest possible way.

I know we have a lot of American readers on here (thank you!) so it is worth pointing out that this book is quite clearly British. It tackles some of the challenges Brits might face that seem to be simply ingrained in Americans. That ‘get up and go’ for lack of a better description. If you are looking for a quick read that will give you a boost and make you feel good about life, make sure you pick up Already¬†Brilliant!


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