Author Interview: Mark Sephton

Mark Sephton is a personal mentor to entrepreneurs, host of @talk_business_ and author of “Inside Job”.

1. Perhaps you could start by telling us a little about yourself? Give us a little background.

Sure, we all have our own motivations and our reason for doing things. For me, I want to positively influence all that I meet and come into contact with. I have created a life which showcases and creates platforms for me to live out of my purpose, strengths and passions. That really is the key to living a fulfilled life, creating a life full of the things that excite you. Mentoring entrepreneurs all over the world is hugely satisfying and rewarding. Just this past week I became an author with my book “Inside Job” which is based on the premise “We are only as good as the thoughts we think” The challenge of the book is “are we creating the right environment and culture to help us tap into our creative genius”

I have always been people lead, my background was in retail and hospitality, huge customer based industries, those experiences have been invaluable. People development and leadership have been at the core of what I am about. I am obsessed with my own self improvement journey and equally I want people to reach all that potential within them. Far to many believe your competition is to the man to the left and woman to the right, wrong! Your potential is against your own ability.

2. What inspired you to write “Inside Job”?

I am a big believer that each of us have a story to tell. I have been harbouring a huge desire to write a book for the past 2 years. My message has always been to take those thoughts you have and turn them into action, give your idea’s legs. So it was time for me to take my own medicine. I have seen countless entrepreneurs respond positively to my methods, the way I think and operate. I have been on a personal development journey these past 7 years, reading and asking great questions to super successful entrepreneurs and business owners in a quest to unlock and become a huge resource of mindset shifts and think out of the box strategies. I have literally poured in every ounce of wisdom, failure and success into my book “Inside Job”. Without sounding pretentious, I believe this book will get inside people’s heads and unlock them to become the best versions of themselves.

3. How can changing the way that you think, impact the way you act and how can this be helpful to entrepreneurs or people in business?

Our beliefs determine our behaviour. If you believe it is right to follow the legal rules of the road then when you enter a 30 MPH zone you will indeed keep your speed in and around this number. If you don’t believe in the legal rules and requirements of driving you will indeed drive above this limit in excess.
Everything we have started with a thought. The clothes we wear, somebody had an idea, mapped out creative ideas and then turned that idea into a reality.
Before we become debt free in our bank account, we become debt free in our minds. We make a decision to become debt free then we get to work before it manifests itself in reality.
We are all a work in progress, I honestly believe I am only on the 2nd step of what I am capable of and what I can achieve in this life. “Inside Job” calls out to you, to have the audacity and balls to dream and put those dreams into action.

Words are powerful, but in a society where words have sadly become cheap, people want to see action. Your actions will be determined by your beliefs and what you believe is right. If you want your actions to draw the plaudits it starts with the thoughts you think. The foundations of our thoughts both right or wrong will determine the decisions we make and the confidence we have in those decisions. Thats why it’s critical you rid yourself of stinking thinking, we all need a check up from the neck up.

4. How easy would you say it was to ‘change your way of thinking’ for entrepreneurs?

It starts with a choice, “Inside Job” gives you the permission and authority to decide. We allow others to decide our choices and sometimes our fate. Not any more. We are all the author of our own lives, we make choices every moment. We each need to be intentional about our own development and what we feed and educate our mind with.

It takes a number of weeks for a new habit to be established, the key is doing something each day regardless of how you feel. We often allow our feelings to determine our choices, sometimes we have to make a decision then our feelings will follow. Do what is right, not what is easy.

I can’t change the thoughts of anyone, I can explain the benefits to why you should change your thoughts, we all must decide our own path, we must decide if we are going to believe in God or not, if we want to get married or not. We must each embrace our authentic and unique self. “ Inside Job” gives you practical and mindset shifts to help change the way you think, but unless you apply the knowledge it will do you no good.

5. How has this concept helped you in your own life?

It has given me huge confidence, enthusiasm opens up incredible opportunities. Thats why personal development is critical. I know  some people work with me purely because they like the way I come across, they like me. We must find out who we are quickly. That really is the first step to success. It’s a tough soul searching question, “who are you?”

I am intentional about my development, I know who I am, I know what I want and I am great at making decisions, whether I make the right ones constantly is up for debate. We must shoot from the heart and not from the hip.

Our mind really is a steering wheel, we can turn it in any direction, whatever you are looking at is where you are heading. If you want a different outcome, if you want to arrive at a different destination, you must take a different route and it starts with your mind. One of the chapters is titled “ Bread for your head” What are you feeding your mind?. What are you looking at? Who are you allowing to speak into your life?. We must take responsibility for our minds and stop allowing other people and resources to pollute such a powerful and yet sensitive attribute.

6. Finally, could you suggest a business book for the site which has inspired you in the past?

Oh, I am a massive fan of John C Maxwell, however the book which really unlocked this journey of personal development and a woman I greatly admire is Dani Johnson ( ) Dani’s first book “Spirit driven Success” is a book I fully endorse and love. Dani has a great testimony and has achieved so much. A thought leader and change leader over the past 10 years.

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