Meet the Team

Jennifer Janson

Co-founder and Editor in chief

I’m an accidental entrepreneur (bought a company about 10 years ago), an avid reader and the author of a business book.  Most of the entrepreneurs I know love learning from others, and as such, are big consumers of business books (audio books, old school print or ebooks). But the challenge is choosing what to read. I’m hoping this site helps address that thirst for learning. I would love to hear from you about areas you are seeking to address, or books that have changed your life. I also happen to be a massive podcast fan…stay tuned for podcast recommendations.

Mark James

Co-founder and contributor


Baptiste Fesselet

Social media co-ordinator

I have always believed in the power of books when it comes to teaching, sharing knowledge and opening minds. In our fast-paced era, I enjoy stopping a moment to read a few pages (often a lot more!) and share my best finds. So taking on the role of social media coordinator for My Business Bookclub was a no brainer. Every day I discover new books worth reading and even more so sharing with our community. Have you read a book that you loved? Are you looking for more amazing reads? Then get in touch! You can find us on @mybizbookclub on Twitter and Mybusinessbookclub on Instagram.

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